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DCH Series

Model: DCH401-5

American Control Electronics

The DCH series combines an AC to DC switching power supply with a regenerative PWM drive, creating an all in one solution to applications requiring control of 12 or 24 VDC motors when only 115 or 230 VAC power is available. The microprocessor design allows the drive to be programmed for custom applications or routines to meet an OEMs needs. With an isolated front end, this series is compatible with a 0-5 or 0-10 VDC analog from any PLC and with it's 8-bit on-board microprocessor, the DCH can be customized in many applications to even replace a PLC.


  • Microprocessor Based: Allows custom programming for OEMs
  • All-in-One Package: Combines a custom regen-capable switching power supply with low voltage drive
  • True Low Voltage Output: Allows control over low voltage motors without the negative effects of current spikes or a large BUS voltage associated with typical 115/230 VAC SCR and PWM controls
  • 4Q Reversing: Regenerative / 4-Quadrant drives have the ability to perform quick and contactorless braking and/or reversing-on-the-fly
  • Isolated Logic: Allows floating or grounded 0 - 5 or 0 - 10 VDC signals
  • Stopping Modes: Forward and reverse inhibits can be set for N.O. or N.C. to brake to a stop. Can be used for rapid starting and stopping
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Power, Current Limit

Technical Data

  • 1.05 Form Factor
  • 1% Base Speed Regulation
  • 80:1 Speed Range

Trim Pots

  • Forward Maximum Speed
  • Reverse Maximum Speed
  • Forward Acceleration
  • Reverse Acceleration
  • Forward Current Limit
  • Reverse Current Limit
  • IR Compensation



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