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IoT Machine Gateway Solutions

Model: iAT2000 CNC Gateway


Product Overview:

iAT2000 CNC Gateway provides a convenient interface to integrate major CNC controllers into NexCOBOT I4.0 Solution Network. The NexCOBOT developed software contains APIs to gather data from the non-open CNC systems, and then use SQL software to actively transfer data to Database. The Gateway is a once-for-all solution for all different CNC Controllers in the market, which greatly reduce the effort required for System Integrators to develop various connection interfaces by their own. With the crucial device, SI can focus more on monitoring and analysis development; eventually maximize the effectiveness of factory automation.

Main Features:

  • Plug-and-play CNC gateway to integrate controllers to the industrial internet of machines
  • Supports one-click connection to mainstream CNC Controllers such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heindenhain and Siemens
  • Collects important machine information including position, coordinate offsets, alarm, etc.
  • Connects up to 10 CNC controllers via TCP/IP
  • Connects to on-demand combination of controllers with one CNC gateway
  • Transfers data to iAT2000 SCADA or MySQL/SQLite database
  • Provides dashboard interface to monitor machine status

Software Features:

Controller Connectivity

  • A universal gateway to connect major of CNC controllers
  • Fanuc: 0i-B/0i-C/0i-D/16i/18i/ 21i/31i/32i
  • Mitsubishi: M70/M700/M80/M800
  • Siemens: 828D/840D
  • Syntec: 21/22/220 

CNC Date Collection

  • NC File
    • Supports NC file transfer to and from CNC controller
    • Verifies the part under production matches MES
    • Records the production history of every machine
  • Controller Status
    • Allows plant manager to have full awareness of all machine status
    • Records the complete status of all time for analysis
  • Uptime Analysis
    • Displays uptime and graphical result to improve plant efficiency 
  • Alarm & History
    • Traces alarm history of each machine for review and optimization
  • Servo Spindle Load
    • Monitors the reasonable working load to avoid excess temperature on machines, and elongate machine lifespan
  • Maintenance Management
    • Couple with CNC controller’s self-detection function to predict maintenance schedule and prevent unexpected downtime
  • Tool Life Management
    • Manages tool life to foresee the timing of tool replacement
    • Reduces number of defect parts cause by tool failure

Internal SQL Interface

  • Data Management
    • Collected data is stored in CNC Gateway as a buffer database in SQL format
    • The buffer database is available for SCADA, main Database, and other applications to retrieve

Cloud Service

  • Cloud service compatible with an additional IoT Gateway

Hardware Specification:

Communication Protocols

  • CNC protocol
  • SQL form database

System Configuration

  • Intel Atom® E3826 dual-core 1.46GHz
  • 4GB DDR3L system memory 
  • 500GB SATA 2.0 HDD storage
  • Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
  • iAT2000 CNC Gateway software package
    • CNC protocol interface
    • CNC data SQL interface

I/O Interface

  • 1x External CFast socket 
  • 1x SIM card holder
  • 2x Intel® I210IT GbE LAN ports
  • 2x USB 2.0 (500mA per each), 1x USB 3.0 (900mA)
  • 4x DB9 for COM1 ~ COM4
  • 1x 2-pin DC input, support +9 to 30VDC input
  • 1x HDMI & 1x DVI-I DisplayPort
  • 2x Antenna holes for optional Wi-Fi/3.5G antenna 
  • 1x Optional mini-PCIe Wi-Fi/3.5G for wireless connectivity 


  • CE
  • FCC Class A

Power & Dimensions

  • Power input: +9VDC to 30VD, Max. 30W power consumption
  • Dimension: 206 x 131 x 60

Ordering Information:

  • iAT2000 CNC-5 Gateway (P/N: A0J00010500X0)
    • iAT2000 CNC-5 Gateway Windows software (P/N: 88J00010512X0) (connect up to 5 CNC controllers)
  • iAT2000 CNC-10 Gateway (P/N: A0J00010500X0)
    • iAT2000 CNC-10 Gateway Windows software (P/N: 88J00010513X0) (connect up to 10 CNC controllers)



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