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Anti-Corrosion Hybrid Stepper Motors

Moons' Industries, Inc.

A corrosion resistant motor widely used in aircraft, automobiles, antennas and satellites. With our special protective coating we can keep moving in the harshest of environments.

The traditional solution to corrosion problems was to seal the motor in order to keep out moisture that leads to internal corrosion. Shaft seals and end cap/housing seals will delay, but not stop, the penetration of moisture into the motor. Moisture will eventually find a way through any seal helped by temperature variations. Once the moisture is inside the motor, the seals act as a barrier to any removal of the moisture. In addition, shaft seals typically cause a loss of 3 to 15% of shaft torque due to rubbing friction. Also, because motors repeatedly go through cycles of heating and cooling, the air inside the motor expands and contracts. As the air inside the motor contracts, a small amount of moisture is sucked inside the motor. This eventually leads to some internal corrosion, to which hybrid step motors are particularly susceptible.


See for yourself why this method is worth your time and money!


Grade A: 96 hours without defect
Grade B:48 hours without defect
Grade C: 24 hours without defect
Grade D: 240 hours without defect

Conventional motor: 96 hours after the salt spray test occurs serious corrosion, the rotor is stuck and the motor is destroyed.
Complies with B (48 hour) standard.

MOONS' Anti-Corrosion motor: 240 hours after the salt spray test, motor function is nominal.
Reaches D level (240 hours) standard.



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