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SGMGH Sigma II Servomotor

Model: SGMGH

Yaskawa America, Inc.

The SGMGH servomotor series has a medium inertia rotor and incorporates the segmented stator design, which dramatically reduces overall size. These servomotors are well suited for applications requiring optimized load matching. There are 10 sizes from 500 watts to 15 kW providing up to 1,988 lb-in (224 Nm) of peak torque. 200 and 400 volt windings are available with rated speeds of 1,500 rpm and maximum speeds of 3,000 rpm (up to 7.5 kW). A 131,072 ppr incremental serial encoder is standard. The low base speed, medium inertia rotor, and high-resolution encoder allow many applications to be solved without a gearbox. The SGMGH is rated IP67 (not including the shaft) providing resistance to moisture. Options include a 131,072 ppr absolute encoder, gearmotor, shaft seal, and holding brake.



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