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SGLTW Linear Servomotor

Model: SGLTW

Yaskawa America, Inc.

Iron core TW linear motors are composed of moving coils with a laminated iron-core and a pair of stationary magnet tracks that are placed on each side of the moving coils. The moving coil of the TW linear motor is composed of laminated iron core and prewound coil bobbins inserted into the slots located on the laminated iron cores. The entire coil unit is permanently encapsulated in a thermally conductive resin body to give structural rigidity. The magnet track of the TW is made of a row of rare earth magnets accurately placed on one side of the nickelized steel carrier plate. Two of the magnet carrier plates are used as a pair in a fashion similar to that of the coreless type linear motor. Stainless steel magnet covers guard against minor accidental damage to the magnets.



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