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Iron Core Motors

Model: TBW series


Designed and constructed with an iron core, these linear motors offer extremely high continuous force for their size, starting at 60N for the small TM, all the way up to 3000N for the water cooled TBW powerhouse. Peak forces are even higher, reaching up to 6000N.

All this raw power comes in a surprisingly compact package. Its small footprint, modular design and high force density enable very fleible application designs. The ability to string multiple motors together, either in series or parallel, widens its range of applications even further.

TBW SERIES - FP 1800..4500N FC 760..1900N

The TBW series is the water cooled variant of the TB series. It features a fully integrated, highly efficient cooling systems which enables the TBW to reach even higher continuous forces than the standard version and sustain extreme accelerations while maintaining its submicron position accuracy. Since heat is not dissipated into the machine’s construction, it is especially suited for applications where thermal management is an issue.

Coil Units: TBW18 - TBW30 - TBW45
Magnet Plates: TB192 - TB288



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