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Linear Motors

Model: Ironless Core Linear Motors

Airex Corporation

Ironless Linear Motors
Airex Ironless Linear Motors feature patented coil technology ideal for actuators, precision stages, photonics platforms, semiconductor equipment, pick and place systems, and inspection systems requiring responsive control at high bandwidths. Due to our patented coil manufacturing method, Airex motors provide the highest motor constant (Km) in any similar volume of motor. This translates to excellent control at low velocity and superior point-to-point settling times. Our method insures precision placement of the conductors to provide the highest slot fill in the industry as well as the best thermal path available. High energy rare earth magnets complete the magnetic circuit.

Our Direct Drive Systems eliminate backlash, windup and wear typically associated with ball-screws, belt drives and rack & pinion linear motion systems. These along with the natural zero contact of these motors provides a long life system without part wear.



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