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Hygienic & Corrosion Resistant Servo Gearboxes, Motors and Actuators

Model: HDV, HDP, NPLW and more from WITTENSTEIN


The whole gearbox portfolio of WITTENSTEIN alpha is available in corrosion resistant design. Corrosion resistant couplings and shrink discs made of stainless steel complete the hygienic drive train. (IP65, IP67)

Hygienic design servo gearboxes innclude the HDV and HDP. Benfits include:

  • Direct contact with food allowed
  • Fast, efficient and reliable cleaning
  • Resistant to chemical cleaning materials and disinfectants
  • Optimal sealing properties
  • Maximum resistance to corrosion
  • Design freedom because the drive is integrated directly in the process

The Hygienic Design version of the brushless servo motors in the cyber® dynamic line are three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors for output ratings up to 335 W. They feature an absolute encoder with a BISS C interface and facilitate excellent acceleration values, cycle rates and machine throughputs thanks to their high dynamic factor. These motors are strictly in conformity with EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) guidelines and therefore ideal for all production and packaging where sanitization is critical.

See technical documents, CADS and more at https://www.wittenstein-us.com/hygienic-design/



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