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KeTop T150

KEBA Corporation

The KeTop T150 features a capacitative touchscreen with real multitouch operability, which facilitates intuitive use, maximum ergonomics, and the best possible user experience. High-end device operation as we know it from everyday life is now also possible in tough industrial environments. With a display size of 10 inches and weighing less than 1,150 g, the KeTop T150 is a real lightweight. These specifications combined with the ergonomic housing enable fatigue-free operation for extended periods. The device can also more than accommodate specific design preferences and unique applications thanks to its many customization options (color, logo, operating elements, keyboard, etc.).

The KeTop T150 features a modular design. Switching to newer processor technologies due to increasing application requirements is quick and easy. This ensures that your investment is fully protected. Depending on requirements, the KeTop T150 is available both with Linux as well as Windows IoT Enterprise. Optional features, such a energy storage and RFID, make many additional usage scenarios possible.



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