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Low Voltage PWM DC Motor Drive

Model: 65E10 and 20 Series

Dart Controls, Inc.

Low Voltage PWM DC Motor Drive Rated for 10 or 20 amps continuous current, the 65E is a high performance PWM control for 12 thru 48 volt battery powered equipment. Features include adjustable maximum speed, minimum speed, current limit, I.R. compensation, and acceleration, plus a quiet operating frequency of 18kHz. Especially useful in portable equipment and solar powered applications. This updated design now includes: - 12-48VDC operating range in the same control - Supply Voltage and Current Limit status LED’s - Current Limit shutdown and output - Higher efficiency – Up to 60+% less voltage drop - NEMA 4X enclosed model for both 10A and 20A applications - Under Voltage Lockout (option) protects from battery deep cycle discharge.



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