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Galil RIO-47xxx Compact PLC with Ethernet

Galil Motion Control Inc.

The RIO-47xxx is a compact PLC with Ethernet that is smart, easy-to-use and cost-effective. The RIO contains a fast RISC processor for handling I/O logic and is programmed using Galil's intuitive command language or using Galil's Ladder Interface software. Each RIO unit is self-contained with numerous analog and digital I/O including: 8 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs, up to 24 optically isolated inputs/outputs, 8 high power isolated outputs and 8 low-power isolated outputs. The RIO-47100 provides 0-5V analog I/O and the RIO-47120 provides configurable +/-10V, +/-5V, 0-5V, or 0-10V analog I/O. The RIO can be configured to operate as a Modbus TCP master or slave, and multiple RIO units can be distributed on an Ethernet network allowing I/O expansion. The RIO-47142 model has an internal switch with two Ethernet ports which allow daisy chaining of RIO units without an external switch. It can also easily communicate with other devices including Galil's DMC-40x0, DMC-41x3 and DMC-30000 Ethernet motion controllers. Measuring just 3.88" x 4.26" x 1.30", the RIO-471xx is packaged in a compact metal enclosure and provides D-type connectors for convenient interface. The RIO-47200 is a DIN rail mount unit with screw terminals. The RIO-47202 is the same as a 47200 but has expanded memory.



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