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PLATINUM LION - The Most Advanced and Ruggedized Multi-Axis Network Motion - Controller

Elmo Motion Control, Inc.

The Most Advanced And Ruggedized Multi-Axis Network Motion - Controller

-40°C to+70°C, Vibrations up to 14GRMS

The Platinum-Lion (P-Lion),Elmo’s ExtrIQ version of the Platinum-Maestro is the world’s most advanced and ruggedized multi axis network motion-controller, suitable for operation in any environment.

Based on the world’s most advanced motion controller – the Platinum Maestro, incorporating an integral high level computational dual-core system (2 x 1.5 GHz) with memory and onboard additional hardware peripherals, the P-Lion surges the boundaries of any machine, optimizing overall accuracy, speed, and throughput of any system.

Its extended connectivity makes the P-Lion ideal for applications such as Inertial Platform Stabilization, requiring high speed, high responsiveness IMU/gyro support.

With countless multi-axis motion algorithms and features such as 3D high resolution error mapping, high-order polynomial motion segments and trajectory buildup, smart gearing, dynamics PVT and more, the P-Lion is the ultimate controller for extreme, precise, and reliable motion.

Platinum Lion Highlights:

  • Self-sufficient machine motion control – No reliance on connection with PC server

  • Multiple communication options: EtherCAT, CANopen, High Speed USB, Ethernet, RS-232
    Fast EtherCAT networking controller with minimal cycling time of 100µs (for 8 synchronized axes), and cycle jitter below 5µs resulting in a precise, reliable and deterministic motion
  • Rich I/O connectivity. Time deterministic control over motion, I/Os and processes in the system, allowing direct controller level support for digital and analog I/O, accelerometers, encoders, serial interfaces, and IMUs

  • Full, real-time, multi-axis motion synchronization

  • Low-level communication with drives and I/O devices over the device network uses the CAN industry standard (DS 301, DS 401 for I/O devices, and DS 402 for drives and motion device profiles), and the new EtherCAT CoE (CAN over EtherCAT) protocols

  • Advanced user programming capabilities based on the leading standards. Provides full flexibility for either IEC 61131-3 or C/C++ programming

  • Unified development platform that streamlines motion control solutions for novice and expert programmers alike

  • Complete compatibility with recognized networking and communications protocols

  • Supports a wide variety of feedback sensors

  • Shares the motion processing workload with Elmo’s SimplIQ and Gold Line drives, forming a distributed motion control system




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