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Intercontec Connectors

TE Connectivity

Making your motor applications more productive. 

With TE's Intercontec connectors, you can now benefit from a large variety of solutions that make connecting easy. These connectors enable modular machine designs which make them highly compatible and usable in many different combinations. Whether you need to connect power, signal or data - or all combined - these connector solutions provide a customized solution for your application. With their plug and play concept these connectors enable easy and quick installation, as well as  easy replacement of defective parts – even for non-electricians. The connector assembly is possible without any tools and particularly easy due innovative concepts like the crown clamp: the shielding mesh can remain uncut. With their innovative 1/8 quick locking system, Intercontec connectors drastically reduce installation times and the risk of failures during installation on site. Thanks to their reliable performance, the connectors also reduce downtime, making your motor applications more productive.

Product Catalogs
Power Connectors
Power connectors from M15 to M58 sizes. Includes series 915, 917, 923, 940 and 958.

Hybrid Connectors
Hybrid connectors for M23 and M40 sizes. Includes series 723 and 740.

Signal Connectors
Signal connectors from M15 to M27 sizes. Incudes series 615, 617, 623 and 627.

Reduce Space
Space is becoming increasingly important with the trend of miniaturization. With small form factor itec and ytec connector series we are able to provide solutions with low mounting heights that can easily be mated by a simple push and unmated with an eighth-turn. Instead of having 3 different connectors, the htec connector includes power, signal and data - which provides significant space saving compared to traditional connectors. Additionally, rotatable receptacles on the motors allow for a more convenient and flexible cable connection - and do not restrict connection in a limited angle.

Reduce Installation Costs
TE's Intercontec connector housings are rotatable in a ±115 degree angle, allowing for much easier access for the cables. Additionally, you can insert the contacts without the use of tools, giving you the flexibility and convenience to install the connectors faster and easier. If you need to install connections on multiple applications, time and cost savings realized through the quick mating is significant. Thanks to their high vibration resistance and robust design, these connections can prevent unnecessary production downtimes. In decentralized installation environments, you can also reduce cable lengths and costs by daisy-chaining servo drives.

  • 3x faster installation with speedtec locking system compared to standard connectors
  • M12 smallest form factor for reliable connections
  • 25G vibration resistance in 3 axis

Reduce Installation Time
The speedtec locking system provides a quick-locking system that enables 3 times faster installation than traditional mating systems. With its self-guiding mating and haptic design allows blind mating in environments where there is no direct visibility or limited space. Thanks to the additional coding on the connector housing, incorrect mating can be prevented.The speedtec locking system is available for power, signal and hybrid connectors and in different sizes. It is backwards compatible to standard screw locking versions and tested in high-vibration environments.

Intercontec New Products

The first M12 single-cable connection solution of the 630 V power class in the style of large servo connection solutions.

Servo applications are becoming ever smaller in the international markets. This means high requirements for all the other components. Accordingly, there is also a need for a particularly compact and at the same time powerful reliable fast-connect locking system. The Intercontec M12 speedtec connector is especially made for small-sized servo-motors. The new M12 single-cable connection solution is – like the larger system – equipped with "rotatable angled receptacles" (angled motor connectors with individually adjustable cable outlet directions).

Intercontec Product Offering:

  • Signal Connector
  • Power Connector
  • Hybrid Connector



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