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Virtual Engineer

Parker Hannifin - Motion Systems Group

Virtual Engineer presents an intuitive interface where users can easily enter their application specifications (for example: speed, load, external forces) and then quickly navigate to accurately sized product options. The tool delivers a custom specification report, CAD models, and seamlessly creates a ready-to-issue “request for quote” (RFQ). By connecting directly with Parker motion control experts, Virtual Engineer takes collaboration to a whole new level, and by doing so, helps to increase the efficiency of your own valuable engineering resources.

Virtual Engineer includes many great features, including product life estimation, “Compare” function for multiple products, CAD model availability, and a “My Projects” area, allowing engineers to create, save, and share projects, which means the user can conveniently return to a project at a later date. The simple graphical interface allows the user to input details of payload position, external forces, and moments, as well as axis orientation and motion profiles. It also allows for filtering by key attributes or exploring all solutions without excessive required inputs.

As application parameters are applied, a list of possible solutions is presented on your screen. If any specification exceeds a solution’s capability, it is eliminated from the available options in real time. After completing all specifications, Virtual Engineer’s “Compare” feature will clearly display the differences between the most suitable products, including expected life and relative cost. This information can then be saved, downloaded, or submitted to Parker for a price quote.



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