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Advanced System-Level Modeling

From digital twins for virtual commissioning to system-level models for complex engineering design projects, MapleSim is an advanced modeling tool that helps you reduce development risk, lower costs, and enable innovation.

Key Benefits of MapleSim

Rapid creation and testing of initial concepts
By enabling quick prototyping and testing of design concepts, MapleSim allows you to try out more ideas in less time, getting you on track quickly and energizing the creative design process.

Natural environment for modeling multidomain systems
With MapleSim, you model your entire system inside a single environment, so you can track down design flaws arising from unexpected interactions between different domains, and even prevent these problems from occurring in the first place.

Computationally efficient models
MapleSim produces high fidelity, computationally efficient models suitable for in-the-loop simulations, controller design, and activities such as optimization, sensitivity analysis, and parameter sweeps, where many simulations are required to get results.

Make Virtual Commissioning your Reality
Whether you are creating a new product or making modifications to an existing design, virtual commissioning helps you identify problems much earlier in the development cycle, when they are much easier and less expensive to correct. When you implement virtual commissioning, you can:

  • Reduce cost overruns
  • Increase your ability to compete by lowering costs through avoiding rework and unnecessary overengineering of components
  • Reduce risks of recalls and shutdowns caused by unforeseen behaviors
  • Gain more predictable time-to-market estimates



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