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ACSM1 Positioning Drive

ABB Inc.

ABB’s ACSM1 is the most adaptable Positioning drive in the market, delivering significant cost and energy savings. The ASCM1 allows control of synchronous or asynchronous motors, either open loop or closed loop with enhanced Direct Torque Control. With the new drive, machinery builders only need to specify one drive for a variety of motor types along with the widest range of speed and position feedback devices such as resolvers, absolute encoders and incremental encoders. Several mounting and cooling options are available including DIN rail, Air cooled, Cold plate, Liquid cooled, Push through, Horizontal and Side-by-Side. The ASCM1 is initially available in models that are specifically designed for winding and related applications such as: Paper & Paperboard: For machines involved with calendar machines, coating , winders (unwind, cutting, rewind), paper roll handling, corrugated, paper converting, die cutters and slitters. Textile: For machines involved with knitting/weaving , spinning/speeder, needle punching, hosiery, fibre processing, preparatory machines, textile coating, finishing, printing and dying. Wire and Cable: Machines involved with winding and unwinding.



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