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SOMANET Servo Node Circulo 9-1800

Model: SN-024-1

Synapticon Inc.

With its circular shape and hollow shaft with a diameter of 20 mm, SOMANET Servo Node Circulo 700 is ideal for a fully integrated Axis which are mainly used in Collaborative Robots. Circulo Nodes can have up to two integrated encoders (17-18 bits) with a battery-based multi-turn option which automatically calibrates. In addition, the nodes offer onboard security features such as STO and SBC via a 24V I/O. Because the cable connections can easily be looped through, the wiring for EtherCAT, Logic Voltage, STO and SBC are extremely simple. In addition, there is an interface to external encoders for ABZ, SSI, BiSS-C and A-format. Circulo also offers an interface and mechanical device for a Cobot-type locking brake and a motor temperature sensor (PT100, PT1000, KTY).

SOMANET Servo Node Circulo: the Worlds first industrial standard for collaborative robots.


  • hollow shaft for optimized cable guiding
  • 2 internal encoders (optional)
  • battery-based multi-turn option
  • optional integrated brake
  • STO/SBC on-board
  • external encoder interface for ABZ, SSI, BiSS-C and A-format
  • modular structure for fast modification
  • torque-based performance control
  • smart brake
  • Dual-Loop Control
  • Model-predictive Field-oriented Control, allow a low heat dissipation of the drives while keeping up high motion control frequencies

SOMANET Servo Node Circulo is specifically designed for the needs of Collaborative Robotic Arms.
Applications for the SOMANET Servo Node Circulo include for example:

  • Traditional Robotic Arms
  • Collaborative Robotic Arms
  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Service Robots
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Special Machinery


Weight 168g
Dimension 92.20 × 92.20 × 28.50 mm
Hardware Status Samples
Rated supply voltage DC 24-48 V
Maximum voltage DC 65 V
Continuous phase current RMS 24 A
Maximum phase current RMS (Load-cycle: 0.5s every 1.5 s) 60 A
Maximum efficiency 99 %
Standby power consumption TBD
Supported motors BLDC, PMSM
Number of phases 3
Hardware protections Overcurrent, overvoltage,undervoltage, overtemperature, PWM deadtime, PWM shoot through
Sensors on-board 3 x I_phase, U_DC, t_MOSFET, t_core
Encoder interface (ext.) 1 x ABZ / SSI / BiSS-C /Nikon / Tamagawa
Brake pwr. output 1A @ 48V
GPIO 5x DIO(3.3/5V), 1x DO(3.3/5V), 1x DI(24V)

1x Analog In Single Ended (0-10V),1x Analog In Differential (+-5V)
Heatsink Aluminum
Integrated encoder (motor) Yes, absolute (optional)
Integrated encoder (joint) Yes, absolute (optional)
Integrated brake Yes (optional)




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