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LCR13 Series Linear Rotary Actuator

Model: LCR13

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators, Inc.

Introducing a new range of electric linear rotary actuator with only 13mm in width. The LCR13 is compact direct-drive brushless servo motor. The precision Z-theta motion within one small actuator, providing a convenient pick, orient and place. The LCR13 has a light moving mass of 95 grams, which results in high accelerations. The vacuum-built-in shaft through the rotary motor is available to prevent dust build-up in the unit. The LCR13 can easily be programmed to control force/torque, position and velocity in all axes at the same time with feedback capability. Patented SMAC's unique "Soft-Land" function enables the unit to gently land on a delicate component with a controlled force to avoid damage of both the component and the pick and place head.


Combined linear and rotary motions in a single unit
Fully programmable in force/torque, position and velocity
SMAC’s Patented ‘Soft-Land’ Technology
Low shaft run-out, 30µm (Lower run-out optional)
Self-lubricated linear guide
Vacuum through shaft prevents dust accumulation
Spring option



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