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Single Axis Smart and Compact Drive

Model: Granite

Gevasol USA Inc.

The Granite family consists of miniature smart servo drives with high power density for medium/small BLDC, DC and Stepper motors.  
Providing  an ideal combination of control quality and low cost, the Granite servo drives are powered by 16 - 70 VDC input supply, and supplies up to 18 / 25Arms (Cont. / Peak).
The Granite family features advanced servo functionality including I/O support, a wide range of feedback interfaces and system communication options.
The proprietary Gevasol tuner (DFTuner) software tool allows simple yet comprehensive auto tuning, and implementation of industry leading complex control schemes.
The Granite family advanced setup and configuration environment facilitates fast and effective integration control tuning for the following servo possibilities: 

  • Brush, Brushless and Stepper motors of various manufacturers.
  • Different gearing and sensor schemes.
  • Different motion plants, with their inertia distributions and structural resonance frequencies.

Main Features

  • Low Weight.
  • Compact footprint with optimized size and weight.
  • High performance increased reliability, and risk mitigation.
  • Wide temperature range of operation.
  • DFTuner software tools allow complex control schemes including:
    • Gain scheduling for instant handling of changing system dynamics.
    • Automatic transfer function identification including uncertainty positions.
  • Joint development with Gevasol motors enables advanced maintenance, diagnostics and integrated solutions.
  • Additional features with Gevasol's dedicated motor:
    • “Click & Drive” - No system specific tuning required.
    • Remote maintenance and malfunction handling.
  • User friendly and maintenance easy.
  • Designed with latest components, mitigating risks associated with obsolescence.


  • RS232 or RS422, USB is optional.
  • Full CANopen DS301 with IEC-61800 (formerly DS402) support.
    The DS402 support includes the profiled position and speed modes, as well as interpolated position or speed.


  • Digital quadrature encoder, with support of homing procedures.
  • Analog Sin-Cos.
  • Absolute encoder: eBiss, or SSI.
  • Resolver.
  • Hall Sensors.




No. of Axis


Motor types

Brushed (DC), Stepper or Brushless

Power supply

16-70 VDC continuous, surges up to 60V 

Current, sinusoidal BLDC motor

Up to 15Arms continuous, 20Arms peak

Current, DC or trapezoidal BLDC motor

Up to 18A continuous , 25A peak

Drive efficiency

98.5% at full power


Short circuit, over voltage, regeneration power limitation, power bridge
temperature and motor over temperature.

Feedback types

Incremental encoder: up to 5MHz (configurable input filters) + Index,
Analog Sin-Cos encoder, Absolute: SSI, eBis, Resolver, Digital Hall sensors.

Digital I/O

Inputs: Up to Four, optically isolated. Configurable as home or limit switches.
Outputs: Up to Four. One opto-isolated. Two TTL non-isolated.
One configurable as brake or regeneration shunt control.

Analog input

+/- 5V


MTBF 70000Hrs operation hours at 40°C


RS-232 , RS-422 or CAN


-40°C to +71°C


50x50x35mm (2.0x2.0x0.6 inches) with connectors


100 gr (3.5 oz)


Body: Plastic resin
Heat sink: Aluminum


Base plate

Regeneration resistor




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