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Custom Solution for Motor Production Equipment

Marsilli North America Inc.

Custom Solution for Motor Production Equipment

Marsilli began in investing time and resources in motor winding technology and in just a few years, thanks to the know how in wire winding technology, has achieved high standing and global recognition. Today Marsilli is one of the most innovative players in the industry which is going through an extraordinary phase of revolution and success. 

To support motor manufacturers who are moving towards a new generation of BLDC stators, Marsilli has several different winding methods, some of which have been developed from our experience in the coil winding industry, such as spindle winding and flyer winding, other methods have been developed specifically for motor winding, such as needle winding on open stators or needle winding on closed stators.

Motor - Winding and Assemblying Technology Flow Chart

Motor Winding and Assembling Experience


Production system for steering motors

Production Systems for Oil Pump Stator



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