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Product/Service Catalog

MP940 Machine Controller

Model: MP940

Yaskawa America, Inc.

MCA reserves the right to edit: : The MP940 is single-axis controller and a member of Yaskawa’s MotionSuite™ family of electronic machine controllers. The modular packaging of the MP940 provides integral mounting with all Sigma II servo drives currently offered from 30 watts to 55 kilowatts, with voltages of 115, 240, and 480 volts. Features of the MP940 system include RS-232 and RS-485 serial interfaces for programming and operator interface connections. A choice of high-speed serial networks (e.g. DeviceNet, Mechatrolink, etc.) gives operators full network communication. The MP940 easily handles advanced motion control functions like Cams, Programmable Limit Switch, Phase Adjustment, Digital Gearing, Registration, external encoder input, and more. With its comprehensive integral I/O, high-speed latch inputs, and extensive remote I/O expansion capability, the MP940 can be a complete, cost effective machine control.



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