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GOLD BEE - World's Smallest Most Powerful Servo Drive For Extreme Environments

Elmo Motion Control, Inc.

Ultra Small Servo Drive, up to 5000W

Designed, qualified, verified, manufactured and tested to withstand Extreme Environments

Gold Bee Highlights:

  • Ready for the Extreme, -40 °C to +70 °C, Vibrations up to 14 GRMS
  • High Power Density, over 4000 of “Qualitative” Watts
  • Ultra High Current , 80A/80V, 70A/100V
  • Advanced Servo capabilities for Best results with any load
  • Extremely High Bandwidth, Current Loop > 4.5 KHz
  • Fast and accurate response time
  • Wide current loop dynamic range of 2000:1 (Stable & Smooth at 0.025 A with a 50 A Drive)
  • Sample time as low as 50 μs, for current, velocity and position
  • Smallest to comply and be certified with "Safe Torque Off" (STO), SIL3, Level E
  • Durable to endure any environment
  • Complies to severe Safety, EMC and Environmental STDS




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