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M3628ACF Automatic Capacitor Former

Model: M3628ACF

Bonitron, Inc.

The M3628ACF is designed for reforming and testing capacitor banks. Electrolytic capacitors undergo physical changes when stored for long periods. Depending on the ambient conditions of the storage, this can be from six months to two years. If the capacitors are rapidly taken to their rated voltage, excessive leakage current may cause them to overheat and fail.

As capacitors age and wear, their internal chemistries change, leading to changes in their capacitance. It is important to be able to measure this capacitance, and thus estimate the remaining useful life of your capacitor bank.

The Bonitron M3628ACF is a portable digitally-controlled capacitor tester. The digital display allows the user to charge a capacitor bank to a specified voltage, and then discharge the bank. The display will then show the calculated capacitance of the bank. This product may be used for many purposes, including charging, discharging and forming of capacitors, as well as serving general DC power needs.



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