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Partner: Copley Controls

Motion Solutions

Motion Solutions Partner: Copley Controls

Copley Controls

Copley Controls specializes in high-performance motion solutions for OEMs in the semiconductor, life sciences, automated assembly/inspection, and COTS military industries. Headquartered in the United States, Copley Controls has 25 years of experience in OEM partnerships. Copley is part of Analogic Corporation, a manufacturer of medical and security imaging systems.

Featured Products:

Accelnet Panel: DC powered digital drives in a panel formfactor for position, velocity and torque control of brushless and brush motors.

Xenus PLUS 1-Axis: AC powered single axis digital drives for brushless motors featuring incremental encoder and resolver feedback. Available in EtherCat and CANopen communication configurations.

Stepnet AC: Compact AC powered microstepping digital drives for control of hybrid stepper motors. Operates as a stand-alone driver from an external controller or a distributed drive on a CANopen control network.

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