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PMF Series

Model: PMF703-5

American Control Electronics

The PMF Series is a variable frequency drive designed to run 115 or 230 VAC motors, whether single phase or three phase, at 50 or 60 Hz. With our "Doubler Mode", a 115 VAC line can be doubled to control 230 VAC motors. And unlike most variable frequency drives, the PMF Series will allow a 230 VAC output to be set with a base frequency of 50 or 60 Hz at 115 VAC. With the use of on-board trim pots, you can quickly set the maximum and minimum speeds, acceleration and deceleration rates, current limits, slip compensation, and DC injection braking and time. Each drive is designed with built-in isolation so it can be commanded with a wide range of analog inputs. The microprocessor based design means it can be modified to fit OEM specific applications.


  • Microprocessor Based: Allows custom programming for OEMs
  • Isolated Logic: Allows floating or grounded 0 ± 5 VDC, 0 ± 10 VDC, or 4 - 20 mA signals
  • Doubler / Step-Down Mode: Doubles a 115 VAC input to a 230 VAC output. Can also step-down a 230 VAC input to a 115 VAC output at 50/60Hz
  • Adjustable Base Frequency: Can be set for a base output frequency of 50 or 60 Hz at rated output voltage, regardless of input frequency
  • Variety of Motors: Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC), Shaded Pole, Synchronous, and 3Φ Induction
  • Thermally Protects: Drive recognizes when overheated as a result of frequent overload. It first flashes a warning code and will trip if condition persists
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Power, Status (Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Short Circuit / Current Trip, Overheat Warning, Overheat Trip)
  • DC Injection Braking: Can be used for quicker braking

Technical Data

  • 1.05 Form Factor
  • 1% Base Speed Regulation
  • 100:1 Speed Range

Trim Pots

  • Minimum Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Slip Compensation
  • Voltage Boost
  • Current Limit
  • Brake Voltage
  • Brake Time-Out



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