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DA Series Linear Electric Actuators

Model: DA67 and DA99

Diakont Advanced Technologies

Current Capabilities

  • Continuous force: up to 2,170 lbf (9,700 N)
  • Nominal backlash: 0.004 in (0.1 mm)
  • Lead accuracy: 0.001 in/ft (0.025 mm/300mm)
  • Speed: up to 39.4 in/sec (1000 mm/sec)
  • Integrated motor and roller screw
  • Lubrication ports for easy maintenance without disassembly

The DA Series electromechanical actuators (EMAs) are equipped with an integrated motor and roller screw to provide superior performance in a compact space envelope. DA Series actuators also outfitted with lubrication ports (patent pending) that support the actuator’s only re-lubrication maintenance requirements without having to disassemble the unit or remove it from the customer’s machinery.

Diakont is a full-cycle engineering, manufacturing, and service company that supplies motion control solutions that enhance the safety, economy and efficiency of many industries. The DA Series actuators leverage Diakont’s proven actuator designs to provide industry leading reliability, force and precision.

Roller Screw Diakont’s DA Series actuators feature a precision-machined roller screw integrated with a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) to provide exceptional power, accuracy, and reliability in a compact space envelope.   Known for long life, rugged construction, and minimal maintenance, roller screw actuator designs are ideal for demanding applications such as positioning systems, CNC machine tools, robotic weld guns, servo presses, bending machines, injection molding machines, factory automation, and discrete manufacturing applications.  Roller screws also offer better lifetime ratings and higher speeds compared to ball screws while offering lower operating costs than hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.  Diakont also supplies these electric actuator sub-assemblies to customers looking to upgrade existing system functionality.

Diakont DA Series actuators deliver lead accuracy of 0.001 in/ft along with a nominal backlash of 0.004 in (zero backlash options available upon request). This high accuracy is achieved through the integration of advanced roller screws that provide significantly higher positioning accuracy over competitor solutions due to the precisely engineered thread design.

The compact design allows end users to easily replace hydraulic or pneumatic actuators with Diakont electromechanical actuators. Diakont electromechanical actuators are compatible with various third party servo drives and amplifiers. As a result, Diakont actuators allow for easy integration into existing motion control systems.

Diakont’s DA Series actuators are also equipped with lubrication ports (patent pending) that facilitate scheduled maintenance without requiring disassembly, recalibration, or removal from machinery. Performing maintenance with the actuator on the machine reduces downtime and improves output.

Diakont DA Series EMAs are constructed from ruggedized components designed to operate reliably in harsh environmental conditions. Aside from operating in temperature extremes, Diakont EMAs are also built to withstand the shock and vibration associated with the most demanding applications. Diakont DA Series can be offered with higher protection levels (IP66) or higher temperature ratings (-40ºC to +100ºC ~ -40ºF to +212ºF).

Diakont actuators designed and manufactured to stringent quality standards. All stages of the production cycle, from incoming testing of electronic components to final, factory acceptance testing of the finished products, are performed under the tight parameters of Diakont’s ISO 9001-certified Quality Management System. Diakont DA Series actuators provide superior operating life as a result of using robust components such as roller screws. With a greater number of contact points than ball-screw solutions, roller screws provide increased load capacity and rigidity. Diakont offers complete turnkey EMA solutions as well as individual components for your specified needs.

Diakont offers a broad range of standard actuators to suit most requirements, however we also realize that often special application parameters dictate special actuator configurations and modifications. Diakont actuators are designed with this in mind, as many of our products can be readily customized to suit specific requirements. Furthermore, Diakont utilizes a diverse development team, comprised of mechanical, electrical and application design engineers, the handle every aspect of the development process from design, prototype, test and manufacture.

Diakont utilizes progressive technology for the design and development of electromechanical actuators and subassemblies. Diakont also created specialized computer-aided design software for performing calculations and modeling roller screws and synchronous motors. This advanced program helps development teams design actuators to exact specifications of power, accuracy, and space constraints. This allows Diakont to the ability to create custom motion control systems.

Diakont employs the latest technology for designing and manufacturing which directly translates to the superior performance of the DA Series actuator. Diakont has achieved outstanding operational lifetime parameters compared to other ball-screw and roller-screw actuators represented on the market.


On average operating lifetime of Diakont DA67 actuator is 11 times bigger than for ball-screw actuators of the same size and up to 5 times bigger than similar roller screw actuators represented on the market.

DA67 Lifetime Comparison


Diakont DA99 actuator on average has a lifetime that is 2 times as long compared to a tested ball screw actuator and other roller-screw actuators by roughly 50%.

DA99 Lifetime Comparison

This product longevity is due to the highest accuracy machining of the electromechanical actuator mechanical parts (+3 micron accuracy tolerance machining of the roller-screw thread), to the most progressive hardening methods usage and to the choice of optimal thread characteristics.



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