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Integrated Servo Motor/Drive ihXT - 150 to 390 Watts

Model: AMKASMART Type: ihXT

AMK Drives & Controls, Inc.

With its new ihXT series, AMK is expanding its AMKASMART decentralized product family to include an integrated servo motor drive in the power range of 150 to 390 watts.

DC-bus and EtherCAT communication are daisy-chained through the hybrid cable from drive to drive. Up to 40 axes can be connected in series to a single power supply. The benefits to the end-user are energy efficiency, fast commissioning, and low installation costs.

  • Easy cabling
  • Hybrid cable
  • Expensive connectors eliminated
  • EtherCAT
  • STO (Functional Safety optional)
  • IP65

Save up to 90% in cabling costs and 60% in connector costs compared to conventional servo drives and motors



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