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MDM-5000 High Energy Brushless Servo Motors

Montevideo Technology, Inc. - Torque Systems

High Power Density Brushless Servo Motor
Torque Systems new high energy brushless servo motor brings the highest available torque density in a platform that is easily customized to fit your application. The excellent winding density of a proprietary segmented lamination technology combined with a neodymium magnet array provides for maximum power output - up to 27.5 Nm (243 lb-in ) continuous stall torque in a compact 140 mm ( NEMA 56) package. Our brushless servo motors offer the highest reliablity and performance in the industry and with our virtual ship program you can ensure you are getting the delivery time your critical application demands.

MDM-5000 Virtual-Ship Program
The Virtual Ship Program is designed to provide short lead times for our new high energy brushless servo motors. Certain models are available to ship within 5 days when ordered directly through the factory.



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