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Permanent Magnet Fundamentals

About the Course

A course designed to provide people who use permanent magnets in their work an understanding of the many complicated and subtle features of these materials. The course is well-suited for people with a technical background, with little or no previous experience with permanent magnets. Covered topics include magnetic theory, ferromagnetism, permanent magnet processing, thermal effects, magnetizing and magnetic measurements.

 Stanley TroutAbout the Instructor

With over thirty years experience in the permanent magnet and rare earth industries, Stanley Trout, PhD, PE, has a wealth of problem solving abilities, gained from a wide variety of technical and commercial roles. Stan is the owner of Spontaneous Materials, a consultancy for specializing in solving client’s problems with magnetic materials and the rare earths. He has a BS in physics from Lafayette College and an MS and PhD in metallurgy and materials science from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Course Outline

  1. Welcome
  2. Background
  3. Magnetic Theory
    1. Hysteresis
    2. Three materials
    3. Three vectors
    4. Units and conversions
  4. Electromagnetism
    1. Field from a current
    2. Wires, coils and magnets
  5. Ferromagnetism
    1. Spin
    2. Exchange
    3. Anisotropy
    4. Curie temperature
  6. Permanent Magnets
    1. Processing
    2. Magnetizing
    3. Self-demagnetization
    4. Magnetic measurements
    5. Thermal effects
  7. Summary

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