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Fundamentals of Materials for Electric Motors

About the Course

Designers who wish to go beyond plugging datasheet values into simulation programs are invited to take this course to review the performance of conductors, insulation, and magnetic materials in electric machinery. Discussion will emphasize the usefulness and limitations of tabulated properties along with the effect of materials processing on performance.

Aleta WilderAbout the Instructor

Aleta Wilder provides materials characterization of magnetic, dielectric, acoustic, and mechanical properties through Wilder Innovations, LLC and also conducts contract R&D for high power density electric machinery at The University of Texas. Aleta has over 30 years of experience in process development and performance improvement based on materials science & engineering. She earned a PhD from Alfred University-SUNY, an MS from Pennsylvania State University, and a BS from The University of Florida.

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Course Outline

  1. Performance Concepts
    1. Efficiency
    2. Power Density
    3. Response
  2. Coils
    1. Conductive Materials and Geometry
    2. Resistance, Eddy Currents, and Losses
    3. Characterization
    4. Thermal Effects
    5. Frequency Effects
    6. Special Microstructures
    7. Connections
  3. Insulation
    1. Dielectric Materials and Geometry
    2. Fillers
    3. Permittivity Concepts
    4. Polarization, Hysteresis, and Losses
    5. Characterization
    6. Mechanical and Thermal Stresses
    7. Frequency Effects
    8. Partial Discharge & Breakdown
    9. Insulation Systems & Application
  4. Permanent Magnets
    1. Families of Magnetic Materials
    2. Processing of Permanent Magnets
    3. Characterization
  5. Soft Magnetic Materials
    1. Magnetic Alloys and Geometry
    2. Permeability Concepts
    3. Domain Dynamics, Hysteresis, and Losses
    4. Characterization
    5. Mechanical and Thermal Stresses
    6. Frequency Effects
    7. Sintered Powders, Shaping Laminates, and Annealing
  6. Summary

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