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Bell-Everman Inc

Bell-Everman Inc.
Bell-Everman Inc. was founded in 1991 with the goal of creating motion devices that offer best-of-class precision, quality and value. Since then, our motion control technologies have been incorporated into a wide variety of automation and metrology systems in the aerospace, biomedical, semiconductor, agricultural and packaging industries. Our product line includes precision linear bearings, linear motion positioning devices, rotary stages and complete multi-axis robotic systems. All products are designed and built in our facility in Southern California. Our three main product areas include:

  • Rotary Positioning. Our ServoBelt™ belt-driven and DDT direct drive rotary stages combine best-of-class positioning accuracy, speed range, torque capacity and reliability. Low-profile mechanical designs and large through hole options make it easy to integrate these stages into your machines. From simple indexing to complex motion profiles, we offer control integration capabilities for a full turnkey rotary positioning solution.
  • Linear Positioning. Regardless of your accuracy and cost requirements, we deliver linear positioning solutions that fit the bill. These solutions are based on three platforms: our ServoBelt™ advanced belt-driven stages and actuators; LowBoy self-contained ball screw and linear motor stages; and conventional linear motor and belt-driven stages and actuators.
  • Engineered Solutions.We design all linear and rotary motion platforms with an eye toward customization. Over the past 20 years, we have designed and built a staggering variety of custom-engineered systems—from long-travel, high-throughput packaging robots to compact lab automation and precision semiconductor wafer handling systems. We specialize in the rapid development of multi-axis systems such as gantries, Cartesian robots and transfer mechanisms. Controls development and integration are always available for our engineered motion control solutions.

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BJA Magnetics
BJA Magnetics offers custom designed permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies with the highest quality and shortest lead times in the industry. We offer: design & prototyping, magnetizing, magnet testing, stabilization, Halbach magnetic assemblies, testing & validation, analysis and optimization, H.A.S.T.material, Helmholtz Gauss, and Flux testing along with recycling.

Cogent Power Inc.
Cogent Power Inc. is the largest provider of transformer cores, magnetic materials for electrical engineering applications and electrical engineering support and design services in North America. The Cogent Power Group is a fully owned subsidiary of Tata Steel Europe specialising in the production of grain oriented and non-grain oriented steels. It comprises Orb Electrical Steels Ltd in Newport, Wales, Surahammers Bruks AB in Sweden and Cogent Power Inc. in Canada.

CW Bearing
CW Bearing (USA) Inc. is a fast growing bearing company that is setting higher standards in customer service. CW develops, produces, and sells deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings for the automotive, electric motor, gearbox, power tool, outdoor power, and home appliance industries. We possess a worldwide sales and distribution network and have offices in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. CW is an industry leader in ball bearing production, using state of the art assembly processes, and are ISO9001/TS16949 & ISO14001 certified. For nearly 30 years our employees have met the needs of our customers and look forward to the challenges of tomorrow.  

DieQua Corporation

DieQua Corporation
DieQua Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of motion control and power transmission drive components. Our focus has always been to provide products that offer the highest quality, the most unique designs, the most reliable performance, along with superior value. Not resting on our past accomplishments, DieQua continues to search the world over for innovative products to meet the changing technological needs of the industries we serve.

Electro-Matic Integrated
Electro-Matic Integrated is a solutions company focused on connecting, sensing, configuring, and modifying industrial automation technologies including: industrial connectivity, sensor automation, mechatronic, electro-mechanical, and safety solutions.

Encoder Products Company

Encoder Products Company
Encoder Products Company (EPC) produces a broad line of high performance rotary optical and magnetic encoders for motor feedback, as well as general industrial automation and motion control requirements. Backed by a 3?year warranty, EPC's AccuCoderTM brand products are noted for reliable performance in the most demanding applications and, year after year have been the product of choice for leading motor OEM's. Established in 1969, EPC's global headquarters for design and manufacturing is in Sagle Idaho, USA. The company also operates regional divisions in the UK and China.


Every industry has one company that defines it, and in measurement feedback, that one company is HEIDENHAIN. HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION is the North American subsidiary of the German company DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment. This superior technology is utilized within high precision motion control and machining systems worldwide. With over 125 years in the precision measurement industry, HEIDENHAIN is committed to providing customers with the products they need to meet the continually increasing demands for accuracy, precision, speed and cost savings. The product lines include linear and angle encoders, rotary encoders, length gauges digital readouts (DROs), numerical controls (TNCs), and touch probes for demanding positioning tasks. Primary industries served are metalworking, machine tool, semiconductor and electronics, motor/drive, general automation, and medical, but can be of service anywhere highly dependable precision measurement and motion control is needed. HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION is headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, and San Jose, CA, and has been serving the U.S. industry for over 50 years. Here, multiple company brands are represented including HEIDENHAIN, ETEL, ACU-RITE, RSF Electronics, NUMERIK JENA, Leine & Linde, LTN and RENCO. These locations are the North American source of sales and service of products, some manufacturing as well the site for hands-on customer and distributor training covering product installation, use and programming. HEIDENHAIN’s North American satellite sales and service offices are located across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Helwig Carbon Products Inc.

Helwig Carbon Products Inc.
Helwig Carbon is a leading US manufacturer of brushes and brush holders for DC motors and generators. We also make bearing protection kits to protect motors from induced shaft currents when used with drives. These kits use silver graphite brushes to divert damaging shaft currents to ground and protect the motor bearings. Supplied to leading motor OEM's.

Laser Technologies Inc.
Laser Technologies Inc. is a precision metal fabricator and stamping house specializing in the manufacturing of Generator, Motor and Transformer Laminations. Our value added services include, Reverse Engineering, Stator Core Assembly, Core Plate Coating, Vent Plate Assembly, Pressure Plate manufacturing, Rotor Rims, and Pole lamination assembly. Manufacturing processes include laser cutting, die design, stamping, coating, fabrication, refurbishing, welding, machining and assembly. Our state of the art QC laboratory is equipped with both optical and probe type CMM’s to verify part precision and accuracy. We also have in-house capabilities to perform a full array of testing relative to electrical steels and core plate coating. With over 30 years of manufacturing for the electrical apparatus companies, Laser Technologies excels in providing the highest quality products and services with fast turnaround. We are a ISO9001:2015 certified company.

LCS Company
LCS manufactures laminations for short, medium, and long run applications. Thickness ranges from .004-.040 and from electrical steels including silicon, nickel iron, cobalt, as well as other exotic alloys. LCS also manufactures end laminations as well as insulators. General metal stampings including terminals, contacts, and brackets. Presses range from 1-330 tons accommodating smaller and large sizes. In house tooling keeps lead time short and pricing competitive.

LinMot is the world’s leading manufacturer of direct-drive, industrial tubular linear servo motors for use in production machines and automation applications around the world. Established in 1997, LinMot has been manufacturing linear motors and actuators to traditional, high quality Swiss standards in company owned facilities in Switzerland and throughout Europe. Every LinMot linear motor delivers high speed, long service life and complete controllability, making them your best choice for use in demanding and highly dynamic positioning applications. Our US headquarters in Elkhorn, Wisconsin serves the entire Western Hemisphere providing technical assistance and exclusive LinMot linear motor application & sales support programs. LinMot linear motors and linear actuators are now available worldwide through more than 80 sales facilities. LinMot products are now being used in packaging, processing, material handling, inspection, and automation applications around the world.

Macron Dynamics
Macron Dynamics, Inc., a manufacturer of linear robots, robot tracks, gantries and mechanical motion components and systems, provides automation solutions for applications found throughout the U.S. and around the globe. For over 30 years, Macron has refined each component and every product through time-tested installations and experience. Macron products are built with the highest quality materials, assembled in the USA, and engineered to withstand the abuses of rigorous, daily usage. The result is a combination of versatility, positioning repeat ability durability, and virtually maintenance-free operation. Macron linear robotics solutions are sold domestically and internationally through a select group of certified high-tech distributors and system integrators. The trademarks of a Macron automation system include long travel capabilities, smooth, fast and repeatable belt driven motion, extremely high quality, and ease of customization to meet specifications for most any application.

Magnetic Instrumentation
For over 39 years, Magnetic Instrumentation has specialized in custom-engineered magnetic systems, magnetization, and magnetic testing. Our experienced staff is dedicated to designing and manufacturing custom solutions efficiently and economically across a wide range of applications. Capabilities include:

  • Magnetic Processing Systems
  • Complete Turn-Key Solutions
  • Standard Magnetic Products
  • Prototype Development
  • Soft/Hard Magnetic Testing
  • Magnetic Design Seminars
  • Magnetizing and Measuring Services
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Magnetic Simulation Tools

Marsilli North America, Inc.
Marsilli is a worldwide leader in Winding & Assembly Systems for Coils and Motors with a strong ability to innovate. Designing, assembling and delivering all equipment with a unique passion, Marsilli provides absolutely reliable solutions together with superb quality. Marsilli North America is uniquely qualified to support your project with four local offices, light manufacturing, and local spare parts availability in USA and Mexico.

Max Baermann

Max Baermann
MAX BAERMANN GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturer of plastic bonded permanent magnets and magnetic systems for industrial applications - mainly in the automotive industry.


Motor Design Limited
Motor Design Ltd (MDL) is a world leader in developing advanced software and tools for electric machine design. We have been developing electric motor design software since 1998. Our software, Motor-CAD, is recognised worldwide as class-leading motor design software. We use our expert knowledge of designing electric motors to provide software support to electric machine designers at some of the most prestigious aerospace, automotive and industrial companies worldwide. The design consulting services we offer cover all aspects of motor design from concept, performance optimisation, through to test and prototype development. Our customers benefit from our years of experience in designing electric motors and in-depth knowledge of simulation techniques. Research and innovation is at the heart of what we do. We are active on several international research funded projects and have developed advanced motor solutions for the automotive and aerospace markets.



POSITAL is a supplier of advanced industrial position sensors used in a wide variety of motion control and safety systems. The company is also an innovator in product design and manufacturing processes and a pioneer of Industry 4.0 (Industrial Internet of Things/IIoT), offering customers the benefits of built-to-order products combined with the price advantages of mass-production. POSITAL is a member of the international FRABA group, whose history dates back to 1918, when its predecessor, Franz Baumgartner elektrische Apparate GmbH, was established in Cologne, Germany to manufacture relays. Since then, the company has played a trendsetting role in the development of rotary encoders, inclinometers and other sensor products. POSITAL has a global reach with subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia – and sales and distribution partners around the world.  

Quantum Devices, Inc.
Quantum Devices, Inc. is the USA based manufacture of the QPhase optical incremental encoders. Our vertically integrated, ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facility allows us to control all aspects of our manufacturing. By relying on our expertise in the areas of photo diode fabrication, electrical assembly, injection molding plastics and machined components, allows our encoders to lead in our marketplace. The QPhase series of encoders offers various standard options, including line counts up to 20,000 ppr, commutation and sinusoidal outputs. The QPhase series of encoders have the diversity of industrial housed encoders, robust bearinged encoders and low profile, highly competitive modular encoders.

Schunk Carbon Technology, LLC

Schunk Carbon Technology, LLC
For over 100 years, Schunk has been bringing power into play with high quality carbon brushes that enable perfect electric current transfers. Schunk Carbon Technology manufactures and sells a wide range of carbon, graphite, and complementary products for use in electrical, mechanical and high temperature applications. Our ISO 9001 certified Menomonee Falls (Milwaukee), Wisconsin manufacturing facility is fully equipped to provide rapid deliveries at competitive costs with world-class quality. We have extensive experience in the manufacturing and supply of carbon graphite, resign bonded graphite, metal graphite, pitch bonded graphite, and electro graphite brushes for both domestic and metric applications.

Siemens Industry, Inc.
The Motion Control and Low-Voltage Drives business of Siemens Industry, Inc. serves OEMs and end-users with a wide range of factory automation solutions. We have an extensive offering of best-in-class technology such as variable speed drives, servomotors, gear motors, motion controllers, human machine interface (HMI) products and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Combined with years of experience and technical expertise, Siemens is capable of providing complete, totally integrated automation solutions for even the most challenging applications.

Sumitomo Machinery
Sumitomo Drive Technologies has been trusted for over 130 years to provide quality products and innovative solutions to help our customers solve their complex challenges. This rich history has made us a leading manufacturer of power transmission and control products in a wide variety of applications for leading brands around the globe. Since 1966, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America has served the United States by providing local sales and support to a variety of customers spanning the many industries that are unique to our region, such as food and beverage, parcel handling, automotive,and mining. This rich history has made us a leading manufacturer of gear reducers and control products in a wide variety of applications for leading brands around the globe.

Testra Corporation
Testra Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of it’s own products, specializing in precision multi-axes control of servo and stepper drives along with supporting software and hardware. Our SoftStep step motor drives provide the smoothest control available for step motor, always micro-stepping finely with any selected input step rate. The drives may also be wave matched to accompanying step motors to minimize torque, velocity ripple, and resonances. At this conference we are showing our latest drive the Roadrunner R807, an 80v 7a compact high efficiency drive which uses our new drive interface from the controller, the SS interface. This serial interface bus allows continuous current control during a motion profile while at the same time getting feedback from multiple motors and drives. We are also announcing our new 3rd generation motion controller, The Motion Brain. This controller supports many different drive interfaces, including our new SynchroStep interface (SS) which can support up to 16 axes. The Laser application supports dual Lasers, motion is coordinated with Laser power control, and servo controlled auto-focus. In the Plasma application torch height is servo controlled with arc voltage and torch current is coordinated with motion. The Router application supports automatic tool change. Various control panels are available for the Human Interface, both panel mount and hand held which communicate with the controller over a RS485 serial bus. . Cut both your development costs and your time to market by using these products. The Motion Brain can be quickly setup without programming by entering parameters via our setup program. We have out of the box applications with CAD/CAM software and Windows print drivers for Laser cutting & engraving, Plasma cutting, Routing and Mechanical engraving. The Motion Brain can run on it’s own without a PC and is easily integrated with automation systems, and can be customized for OEM applications. We are also looking for a business to partner with us.

VAC Magnetics, LLC
VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG is a leading global manufacturer of advanced magnetic materials and related products.VAC produces Rare Earth Permanent Magnets, Soft Magnetic Materials & Parts, and Cores & Inductive Components.We are one of the world’s leading companies in the fields of development, production and application know-how of magnetic materials. VAC offers support in the selection of innovative materials and are able to customize materials with unique properties for optimized solutions. Our research and development is dedicated to ensuring technology leadership. Continuous improvement of process technology and production facilities is our policy to offer competitive high-quality products.

Yeadon Energy Systems, Inc.
Yeadon Energy Systems, Inc. (YES ™) is an electrical/mechanical engineering consulting service that specializes in the design and prototype fabrication of electric motors, generators, actuators, and other electromagnetic devices. Other services include failure analysis, electromechanical testing, electric motor design software, and professional development training for engineers. Yeadon Energy Systems has design expertise in BLDC, PMSM, Single and Polyphase AC Induction, Stepper, Universal, PMDC motors, linear actuators and specialty electromagnetic devices. Our work includes numerous applications from household appliances, industrial, automotive accessory, automotive traction, medical, and specialty high temperature motors and actuators.

Yunsheng USA LogoYunsheng USA
Yunsheng USA Inc., a subsidiary of the Ningbo Yunsheng Co. Ltd, is a Hitachi patent holder, focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing high strength, high performance rare earth permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies. Ningbo Yunsheng Co. Ltd., is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and located in Ningbo prefecture, the “Silicon Valley of Magnetics” in China, home to 300+ magnet manufacturers. We are ISO9001- and ISO14001-certified, and own numerous patents in the magnetics field, including: cast crystallizer and cast strip processes, as well as injection molding techniques. We also hold the automotive IATF 16949:2016 certification, an additional reassurance of our dedication to rigorous quality assurance standards, achieved only by industry leaders.

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