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EMERF Foundation

To advance and promote the electric motor industry through education, pre-competitive electric motor research and facilitation of technology transfer within the industry and in cooperation with academic, private research and governmental organizations.

The Electric Motor Education & Research Foundation (EMERF), a 501(c)(3), was originally founded by SMMA in 1995 and is now a part of the Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA). Governed by a Board of Directors, EMERF strives to identify projects that address their mission and serve the needs of the MCMA membership. Current projects include EMERF sponsored student presentations at the MCMA Technical Conference, the EMERF Laminations Steels Third Edition CD and the EMERF Pre-Competitive Research Consortium (PCRC). Member companies of the PCRC, all MCMA members, work to provide funding to universities and research facilities for research conducted prior to product development for technology that is important to our members and the industry.

EMERF Pre-Competitive Research Consortium (PCRC)
MCMA members may join the PCRC and participate in cutting edge pre-competitive research projects designed to move technology forward. Learn more about PCRC.

EMERF Liaison with Academia and Students
To foster communication and collaboration between industry, academia and students, EMERF sponsors an engineering student to attend and present at the MCMA Technical Conference each year. Learn more about this program.

2015 Contributors to EMERF

EMERF Lamination Steels Third Edition CD
A compendium of lamination steel alloys commonly used in electric motors from leading-manufacturers. This Third Edition CD is a single source of magnetic property data on the electromagnetic materials used in the laminated cores of electric motors. Purchase this resource for designers and engineers of electric machines of all types.

EMERF Past Presidents

2016 | Keith Klontz, Advanced MotorTech, LLC

2012-2015 | John Calico, Moog Components Group

2009-2012 | Kitt Butler, Advanced Energy

2007-2009 | John Smith, A.O. Smith

1999-2007 | Roger E. Hollis, Arkansas General Industries

1997-1999 | William L. Rohm, Motor Products-Owosso Corp.

1995-1997 | Ronald D. Bullock, Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.

EMERF Board of Directors

Phil Faluotico
Vice President of Engineering

Larry Ridge
Chief Engineer

Board Members
John Calico
Senior Research Engineer
Moog Components Group

Kitt Butler
Director of Business Development
Advanced Energy

Steve Constantinides
Magnetics & Materials LLC

Ayman El-Refaie
Lead Engineer
GE Global Research

Keith Klontz, PhD, PE
President & CEO
Advanced MotorTech LLC

Ed Knoth
Senior Research Engineer
IAP Research

Aleta Wilder, PhD

Research Scientist
University of Texas at Austin


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