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Systems Engineer


ORMEC Systems Corp.

Posted on 11/01/2019


Rochester, NY


Designs, develops and supports industrial automation systems with ORMEC products by performing the following duties:

Major Duties & Responsibilities

  • Interface with ORMEC Sales Group:
    • Discovery phase of new Control/Turnkey System opportunities.
    • Develop control system bills of material based upon ORMEC Catalog Items for quoting to customer.
    • Provide estimated Non-Recurring Engineering hours for development of control systems.
    • Provide estimated Recurring Engineering hours for debug, commissioning and assembly of control systems.
  • Interfaces with ORMEC customers to develop machine control specifications for customer specific applications which may include:
    • Development of Application Specific software related to the project.
    • Development of UL Rated Electrical Assemblies.
    • Identify and recommend control panel hardware as well as coordination of material purchases.
    • Oversees construction of electrical assembles by manufacturing department staff.
    • Coordination for commissioning and Debug of hardware and software in-house as well as on-site.
    • Provide support to customer service department, includes but not limited to phone and on-site support.
  1. Other duties may be assigned.

Minimum Skills & Abilities

Required Computer Skills:

  • Microsoft Office ApplicationsI
  • Industrial Controllers and programming experience in one or more of the following languages:
    • IEC 61131-3 Compliant Software Including:
      • Relay Ladder Logic
      • Structured Text
      • Sequential Function Chart
      • Function Block Diagram
      • Instruction List
      • AutoCAD/SolidWorks 2D
  • Other desired computer skills: 
    • Visual Basic/Basic
    • Visual C++/C
    • HTML/Java
    • Business Information Systems, i.e. SyteLine, ORACLE

Minimum Education & Experience

Bachelor's degree (Technical Degree); with at least 2 years of experience as a systems or controls engineer with basic understanding of mechanical/machine operations.


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