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MCMA 2019 Technical Conference Abstract Submission Form

MCMA TechCon, October 7-10, 2019, Indianapolis, Indiana

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the MCMA TechCon and educating our audience of design engineers, manufacturing engineers, production engineers, machine builders, system integrators and other users of motion control, motors, and automation technologies. Please fill out the information below (and click submit). Fields marked with * are required. Note that speaking slots are on October 9 and 10, 2019. All qualified submissions will be considered. If selected, speakers will be notified via email. Selected speakers will receive complimentary registration for the TechCon. The event and speakers will be heavily promoted in advance of the event.

Submit No Later Than: Friday, May 31, 2019
Please submit abstracts now to be considered, speaking slots are filled as abstracts are received.

Below are some of the topics that our TechCon audience is interested in. Consider a presentation that covers new technologies, advances in existing technology, fundamentals and "how-to" talks, problem-solving techniques, related technologies, application successes with details and unique (in technology or industry) applications. This is not an exhaustive list, please feel free to suggest your desired audience-appropriate topic, even if it does not appear on the list:

New Automation Technologies
Advances in Motion Control Technology
Innovations in Electric Motors
New Servo Drive Technology

New Applications for Automation
How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Used in Automation
Disruptive Technologies Impacting Manufacturing
Machine Design
Motor Design Innovations
Motor Materials Advances
Motion Control Methods
New IC Technologies, Electronics for Driving Motors
Design Performance Issues and How to Overcome them
Advanced Tuning Methods
Magnetic Materials Improvement
Interesting Applications of Motion Control
Successful Automation Application Success Stories
Overcoming Application Challenges
Drives Based Integrated Safety
Innovations in Sensor Technologies
Industrial PC-based Motion Control
What's New in Control Technology
Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance
Advances in Programmable Controls

Wireless Technologies
Linear Actuator Technologies
Advances in Ballscrew or Linear Bearing Technologies
Gearmotor Application Success Stories
Gearbox Integration - How, Why, Challenges Explained
Harmonic Filters
Advances in Brakes, Encoders, Tachometers, etc.
Traction Motors (for Automotive and Railways)
New Technology in Motors
Motor Sizing
Realizing Improvements in Productivity
Alloy Developments
What's New in Software?
Software Algorithms
Industrial Automation Software
Smart Manufacturing - How do Manufacturer's Get Started?
Virtual Commissioning
IIOT and the Connected Factory
Regulation Changes You Need to Know
Industrial Networking Technologies, Methods, Success Stories
TSN - Time Sensitive Networks
OPC-UA Protocol
Communication Protocols
Safe Motion Control Solutions

All presentations must be educational and non-commercial. Sales pitch presentations will not be considered. Please note that all speakers must use the MCMA TechCon PowerPoint template for their presentations and your PPT file will be due by Monday, September 9, 2019.  Please click submit below. Contact us if you have questions 734-994-6088. Thank you!
Speaker Information

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