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Motion Control Resources

How to Gain Long-term Value from Industrial Automation

by Jerry Leitz, Director of Field Engineering, Motion Control

POSTED: 05/25/2018

Industrial automation promises to reduce production costs, optimize manufacturing, improve consistency and quality of products and more. To achieve these benefits, manufacturers and industry owners must embrace it with the aim of gaining as much long-term value as possible. Manufacturers should start by determining how far they are along the automation

The History of Industrial Automation in Manufacturing

by Fabrice Boisset, GM, Europe, Middle East, Africa Region

POSTED: 05/25/2018

Automation in the manufacturing industry has evolved from the use of basic hydraulic and pneumatic systems to today’s modern robots. Most industrial operations are automated with the goal of boosting production and reducing the cost of labor. Since its

Industrial Automation vs. Information Technology

by Alex Hung, Vice President, Sales APAC

POSTED: 05/24/2018

IntervalZero at iMTduo: Meet the Team at This Spring’s Can’t-Miss Event

by Dipesh Mukerji, VP Marketing & Strategy

POSTED: 05/24/2018

We’re excited to share that the IntervalZero and KINGSTAR teams will be exhibiting at this year’s Taipei Intelligent Machinery & Manufacturing Technology Show, otherwise known as iMTduo, on May 9-12 in Taipei, Taiwan. This year’s theme is “Driving the New Wave of Manufacturing”, which fits perfectly with KINGSTAR and IntervalZero’s

Motion Solutions Blog Post: Ask An Engineer: What can cross roller guides do for you?

by MOSO Marketing

POSTED: 04/24/2018

Motion Solutions is proud to introduce our newest web feature, the Ask An Engineer video series. We regularly get questions from customers regarding components and technologies they hope to apply to their latest systems. The

Servo Control of "Stepper Motors" for Performance

POSTED: 04/18/2018

High pole count permanent magnet synchronous motors can be operated both as closed loop servos and as open loop stepper motors. The performance available from the same motor is greatly improved by operating the motor as a sinusoidally commutated servo motor. Commutation Open loop operation of the motor - that is

Motion Solutions Blog Post: High-Reliability Drone Systems Deliver Blood to Rural Patients Fast

by Bill Saunders, Vice President of Sales

POSTED: 04/10/2018

Postpartum hemorrhaging is a major cause of maternal mortality in the developing world. The condition requires immediate medical treatment and transfusion with appropriate blood products. Accessing

3 Primary Benefits of Software Motion Control

by Jerry Leitz, Director of Field Engineering, Motion Control

POSTED: 04/09/2018

Software motion control is defined as PC-based motion control that utilizes the modern x86 CPU to reduce hardware requirements. This means that software motion control is not tied down to the hardware ASIC limitations and does not require complicated cabling. The KINGSTAR Platform is based on the innovative open standard network

Humanoid Robotic Hand Moves

POSTED: 03/23/2018

The human hand is undoubtedly one of the most universal and complex tools of nature. Researchers have been studying the characteristics and special features of this evolutionary design for years. Now the findings of this research are being

Robot performance moves NASA. Cape Canaveral tour guide will have same motors as the Mars Rover

POSTED: 03/23/2018

A versatile robot actor, created in the UK, has beaten off international competition to become the public face of NASA’s world-famous Kennedy Space Center. First developed in 2006 by Cornish company Engineered Arts,

Model making: A dwarf-sized Caterpillar.

POSTED: 03/23/2018

maxon drives also play an important role in model making – for example, many locomotives run their rounds powered by maxon motors. But even crazier things can be found in the world

Robotic Rib Spreading Tool to help patients hurt less and heal faster.

POSTED: 03/23/2018

One advanced technology company is taking on the challenge of developing hand-held, robotic surgical instruments to help patients hurt less and heal faster. High torque maxon motors ensure jerk-free movement of the tool. It may

Robotic Exoskeleton: For more quality of life

POSTED: 03/23/2018

Worldwide, an estimated 185 million people use a wheelchair daily. A company based in Auck-land (New Zealand) has developed innovative robotic technology that helps people with mobility impairment get back

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