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Motion Control Resources

Advances In Motion Controller Software That Will Transform Your Industrial Automation Operations into a PLC

by Matt Edwards, Director of Professional Services

POSTED: 06/07/2018

5 Key Benefits of a Real-Time Motion Control Architecture

by Daron Underwood, CTO, Vice President R&D

POSTED: 06/05/2018

When developing and setting up real-time motion control systems its best to plan an architecture and infrastructure the not only prepares you for today but also for tomorrow. Your real-time architecture therefore has to be flexible and malleable to external and internal changes. Here

Motion Solutions Blog Post: Ask An Engineer: What can cross roller guides do for you?

by MOSO Marketing

POSTED: 04/24/2018

Motion Solutions is proud to introduce our newest web feature, the Ask An Engineer video series. We regularly get questions from customers regarding components and technologies they hope to apply to their latest systems. The

Motion Solutions Blog Post: High-Reliability Drone Systems Deliver Blood to Rural Patients Fast

by Bill Saunders, Vice President of Sales

POSTED: 04/10/2018

Postpartum hemorrhaging is a major cause of maternal mortality in the developing world. The condition requires immediate medical treatment and transfusion with appropriate blood products. Accessing

3 Primary Benefits of Software Motion Control

by Jerry Leitz, Director of Field Engineering, Motion Control

POSTED: 04/09/2018

Software motion control is defined as PC-based motion control that utilizes the modern x86 CPU to reduce hardware requirements. This means that software motion control is not tied down to the hardware ASIC limitations and does not require complicated cabling. The KINGSTAR Platform is based on the innovative open standard network

Blog Post: Caged Balls Boost Lifetime, Reduce Noise

by Wally Logan, Vice President of Engineering

POSTED: 03/06/2018

Discover the benefits of caged balls and tips for success. ALISO VIEJO, CA – Caged balls are widely deployed in motion systems throughout industry. Whether used in ball bearings, linear guides,

Blog Post: Find Out Why a Roller Screw Might Be Practical for You

by Bill Saunders, Vice President of Sales

POSTED: 01/23/2018

Today’s highly available precision roller screws are cost-effective enough to be effective solutions for even budget-conscious applications. ALISO VIEJO, CA – Planetary roller

Blog Post: When Is Outsourcing Engineering Right for You?

by Bill Saunders, Vice President of Sales

POSTED: 01/09/2018

ALISO VIEJO, CA - Five reasons to consider outside motion control expertise. The 2008 global downturn changed the economics of manufacturing. To stay in business, companies slashed budgets and

Blog Post: Top Five Mistakes in Choosing and Using Linear Guides

by Wally Logan, Vice President of Engineering

POSTED: 12/12/2017

Blog Post: Five Questions with Eric Klein of Schneider Electric

by MOSO Marketing

POSTED: 11/28/2017

New directions in life sciences, aiding the make-versus-buy decision, solving the energy challenge, and the critical pillar of digitization.   ALISO VIEJO, CA – Editor’s Note: this story

Blog Post: Five Questions with Matt Trowbridge of Omron

by MOSO Marketing

POSTED: 10/31/2017

ALISO VIEJO, CA – Robotics, the convergence of semiconductor and automotive, and why finding and cultivating engineering talent may just be the biggest industry challenge of all. Editor’s Note: this story

Blog Post: Servo Motor vs Stepper Motor: Which is right for your application?

by Bill Lackey, Vice President of Sales Engineering

POSTED: 10/24/2017

ALISO VIEJO, CA - It is an engineering truism that there is no perfect solution, just the best solution for the problem at

Blog Post: Selecting the Right Linear Actuator

by Shawn Hakim, Sales Engineer

POSTED: 10/02/2017

ALISO VIEJO, CA - Building a successful linear motion system starts with choosing the appropriate actuator. Between the different sizes, technologies, and qualities, hundreds of options exist. The trick is to winnow down to the

Understanding Soft PLC Features and Requirements

by Daron Underwood, Vice President R&D, CTO

POSTED: 08/08/2017

Soft PLC is a software technology designed to turn an embedded computer into a fully functional and programmable logic controller, also known as a PLC. It combines PLCs’ discrete, PID and analog I/O control with high performing computer networking, data handling, and computational capabilities. As such, soft PLCs offer dependable

4 Critical Requirements for PC-Based Motion Control

by Dipesh Mukerji, Vice President Marketing & Strategy

POSTED: 08/07/2017

A number of trends and reliability concerns affect the controller choices engineers make in regards to PC-based motion control systems and machine control systems. The PC has become the common control device in manufacturing industries and processes, replacing the CNC and the PLC in many industrial applications. It contains software

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