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Motion Control Resources

CB50 Compact Incremental Encoder for BLDC Feedback

Lika Electronic USA

CB50 is a compact incremental encoder expressly designed for motor feedback applications that require both AB0 incremental signals and UVW commutation signals.

The enclosure has a 50 mm / 1.968” diameter flange and the overall depth is limited to 35 mm / 1.378”. It is equipped with an 8 mm / 0.315” diameter through hollow shaft, but 6 mm / 0.236” and 10 mm / 0.394 options are also available on request. The operating temperature can now be extended to +115°C / +239°F.

CB50 provides AB0 /AB0 incremental signals for positional information via Push-Pull and Line Driver output circuits. The resolution comes up to 5,000 PPR. It further generates UVW /UVW commutation signals to commutate 4, 6 and 8 pole brushless motors.

Key features include the separate EC-CB50 cordset fitted with PCB connector at one end, it can have custom length and be as long as required.

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