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Motion Control Resources

Quadrant Magnetics Announces MCMA Membership


Quadrant Magnetics, a global producer of permanent magnet materials, magnetic assembly technologies and supporting services, is pleased to announce our joint affiliation with the Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA).

With Quadrant’s suite of permanent magnet materials, motor designers and motors manufacturers within MCMA now have a new source for permanent magnets and a new reliable supply chain to support the motor industry.

Quadrant has a long history in the joint development of motors across a broad range of industries.  Our design assistance team of engineers have partnered with these companies to develop, select, design and produce the best magnetic material based on the customer’s critical performance characteristics.

Make planes to visit us at the upcoming MCMA Technical Conference (TechCon), held in Louisville, Kentucky USA, the home of Quadrant Magnetics, on November 5-8th.  Speaking at this conference will be Mr. Kevin Kurtz from our engineering department.  Kevin’s session is entitled, “Improving Modeling of Surface Degraded Permanent Magnets”, a fascinating area of advancement development related specifically to NdFeB permanent magnets.

More information can be found about Quadrant at www.quadrant.us

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