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item North America Offering Innovative Material Handling Solutions

MB Kit Systems, LLC

item North America Now Offers elcom Material Handling Solutions: The Perfect Complement to item’s Machine Building Kit System elcom logo

item international’s partnership with elcom SAS began in 1986. Through years of collaboration, both companies have grown to offer premier material handling solutions to maximize workflow efficiency. With two elcom systems, both fully integrated into the item MB Kit System, custom designed material handling solutions are possible for a wide array of applications.

elcom diagram pin transfer plate elcom’s revolutionary pin system is the core advantage over other material handling transfer systems. The simple retractable pin system, located underneath each pallet, works in conjunction with a series of mechanical components - making it a cost effective and reliable system that allows for complex pallet maneuvering.

elcom’s pallet system is ideal when low cycle time with a complex routing is a priority. The mechanical pin system enables quick turns and lane switching, not requiring the slowdown of other pallets. Each pallet’s top plate can be machined to accommodate the installation of a wide variety of part tooling. Standard pallet bases can handle +100 lbs, with custom AL pallets handling +400 lbs! In past years it’s proven to be a popular system in Europe.

elcom transfer plate In addition to the pallet transfer system, elcom offers a versatile flat belt system. Each flat belt system is configurable for a wide array of applications with PVC, polyurethane, rubber, and silicone belt options available. elcom systems can be angled to accommodate gradual elevation changes with cleated conveyor belts . If a more abrupt elevation change is required, linear actuators can easily be integrated into the design of any material handling solution.

elcom transfer system with conveyor Both elcom transfer systems allow for customizable motor and support configurations. This inherent modularity enables engineers at item North America to propose a precise solution designed to maximize the efficiency of your material handling application. Combined with other lean production and ergonomic solutions from item North America, our engineers are able to offer efficient solutions throughout every project.

Diagram of a complete elcom transfer system Design and engineering services for material handling applications from item North America are done at no cost to the customer. Whether you have a current application with the design not yet finalized, or have the final application in mind... design engineers at item North America can assist at every stage of the project. item North America is the exclusive American provider of custom designed solutions, built from the elcom and item Machine Building Kit systems.

Start your next material handling project immediately by visiting our Contact Us Page. Our experienced sales staff and engineering team will work with you to design the perfect solution for your application.elcom brochure





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