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Trinamic Opens IoT lab in Tallinn

TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG

Teaming up with the Estonian Mafia: IoT lab in Tallinn

“Estonia is the European poster child concerning innovation and we like the combination of a strong talent pool and the Hanseatic attitude." – Michael Randt,CEO and Founder of TRINAMIC Motion Control.

On July 1st, Trinamic officially launched its Estonian subsidiary by opening an R&D center in Tallinn’s famous co-working space LIFT99. This new location allows Trinamic to tap into the talent pool and contribute to the innovative culture in two ways.

IoT hardware lab for startups
On the one hand, the new development center will be used to attract local talent and design new IoT hardware and software applications. On the other hand, the center offers an IoT hardware lab to the Estonian Mafia, as the startup companies in Estonia like to call themselves because they "like to look out for each other".
According to Susanne Org, Manager at LIFT99, this hardware lab is a welcome addition to the co-working hub as it gives access to the hardware that resident companies could use for their development. The hardware consists of electronic development and test equipment, 3D printing, and other digital manufacturing equipment. “The supplies and physical labs are hard to find and expensive for early stage IoT companies, so the support will hopefully encourage more entrepreneurs to be involved in that area."
Driving IoT developments
By sharing its equipment, Trinamic contributes to the Estonian startup spirit while at the same time learning from it, in line with the co-working space’s slogan “From founders to founders”. As such, LIFT99 gives access to an inspiring environment in Tallinn’s Telliskivi Creative City where companies drive each other. The co-working space has already partnered up with innovative startups such as Pipedrive, Transferwise, and Toggl. Now, with the new IoT hardware lab, LIFT99 also has the means necessary for the Estonian Mafia to develop new IoT ideas into actual products together with TRINAMIC Motion Control.
As such, the new development center will leverage Trinamic’s capabilities in application driven development, according to Michael. One thing is certain, the new IoT lab has a promising potential.

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