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Motion Control Resources

Rotating Chairs On The Voice

American Control Electronics

This application comes from a group of very talented individuals over at The Scenic Route, a Southern California based global resource company that provides design an integration services to the entertainment, live event, and trade show industry. The folks at The Scenic Route were tasked to design a chair apparatus for the internationally known show The Voice. The chair needed to rotate 180° based on a button input. As simple motor drive could run the motor with no problem but they needed a drive that could scene two end-of travel-limit switches set 180° apart. They chose our RGA440-10-CYC smart drive, a full featured regenerative control with “built in” brains of a PLC. Whenever an end of travel limit switch would be tripped, the motor drive would stop the motor in that position. Resetting the chairs to the previous position would be accomplished by pressing a reserve pushbutton.

Now this application might be very simple, but it comprises many of the facets of motion control that would have previously required several components to accomplish. Our motor drive essentially replaced a PLC and PLC power supply. Not all application will be this straight forward, but if you keep an open mind to what new smarter drive can do, they will help you solve applications in the simples and most efficient way possible.

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