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Precision Made Easy with the ICES 675 Computer-on-Module


Customization meets high performance in NexCOBOT’s compactly designed ICES 675 computer-on-module (COM). With reliable Intel® Coffee Lake-H microarchitecture supporting a selection of three on-board, HD graphics enabled processors, the COM Express Type 6 is perfect for all of your high-resolution output and automation needs.
Make the Connection
As your business succeeds and grows, your computing requirements will inevitably change. Using a NexCOBOT’s computer-on-module allows you to adapt without expending valuable funds to replace an entire computer. The ICES 675 uses your choice of three 8th Generation Intel® high-performance processors: Xeon®, Core™ i7, or Core™ i5. You can easily swap out I/Os to meet needs with the customizable carrier board. It also supports USB 3.1, allowing for rapid transfer speeds to a variety of devices.

4k Displays Mean Picture-Perfect Results
Does your business frequently perform jobs that require high resolution? They’re effortless with the ICES 675, which supports 4k displays at a 60Hz refresh rate. In combination with up to 32 GB of SO-DIMM memory, as well as additional support for server-standard ECC (error correcting code) memory via the PCH CM246, the computer-on-module is suitable for a variety of meticulous tasks, including 3D printing using CNC (computer numerical control) machinery and video broadcasting.

One Device, a Multitude of Applications
The ICES 675 is perfect for your security and surveillance needs with support for TPM (Trusted Platform Module), unlocking critical encryption and platform integrity capabilities. In addition, customers have used the COM with industrial precision tools (e.g., automobile parts) and medical equipment (e.g., surgery room robotic arms) with fantastic results. The ICES 675 is also great for navigation, transportation, and other automated control system uses.

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