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New BLDC motor from Nanotec as an alternative to AC servos

Nanotec Electronic U.S., Inc.

Brushless DC motor of the APBA60 seriesFeldkirchen/Germany – With a rated power of up to 400 W, the brushless DC motors of the APBA60 series from Nanotec offer a high-performance alternative to AC servos motors with the same flange size. The new DC motors are rated IP65 and come standard with integrated encoder or with encoder and brake. They are available in two lengths and have a rated speed of 3,000 rpm and a rated voltage of 48 V.

Because of their low voltage the motors of the APBA60 series are ideally suited for battery-powered applications, such as AGVs or service robots. They are also safe for use in medical or other environments where standard AC servos would require additional insulation and safety measures.

The APBA60 is mechanically compatible with 60 mm AC motors and can be combined with a variety of gearboxes and motor controllers from Nanotec.

About Nanotec
Nanotec was founded in 1991 and is now among the leading manufacturers of motors and controllers/drives for industrial automation and medical engineering applications. The company has been based in Feldkirchen near Munich/Germany since 2011. With some 200 employees in Germany, Bulgaria, the USA and China, Nanotec serves customers around the world.

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