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Motion Control Resources

Mechatronic Fundamentals and Modeling

Motion Control & Motor Association

Mechatronic Fundamentals and Modeling

Robert H. Bishop
The University of Texas at Austin, USA

  • Provides specialized coverage for anyone needing a concise yet authoritative introduction to the field
  • Offers focused coverage of the basics of mechatronics as well as a survey of modeling techniques
  • Presents chapters authored by world-renowned experts in mechatronics research and applications
  • Contains new, rewritten, and extensively updated chapters

With updated coverage on all aspects of mechatronics, The Mechatronics Handbook, Second Edition is now available as a set of four books. Each installment offers focused coverage of a particular area of mechatronics, supplying a convenient and flexible source of specific information. The first of four books, Mechatronic Fundamentals and Modeling offers a broad introduction to the field of mechatronics. It defines mechatronics, outlines design and control approaches, and details various methods of modeling the physical aspects of mechatronic systems. New chapters in this volume discuss multi-body flexible dynamics, kinematics and dynamics of robots, and computer simulation of physical systems.

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