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Magnet Applications, Inc. Announces Major Product Upgrade with its New B12 Neodymium Compression Bonded Magnets

Magnet Applications Inc.

B12 Neodymium Compression Bonded MagnetsDUBOIS, PA – Magnet Applications®, Inc., a leading provider of compression bonded magnets, injection molded magnets and magnetic assemblies to the automotive, medical, defense and aerospace industries, today announced the release of a major upgrade to its industry-leading neodymium compression bonded magnet product offerings – the all-new high energy B12. The new B12 has a typical maximum energy product, (BH)max, of approximately 12 MGOe compared to the previous generation of 10 MGOe.

The (BH)max of a bonded magnet is determined by the density and the volume fraction of the magnetic material phase present in the magnet body. By optimizing the particle size, particle distribution, chemistry, process and pressing conditions, Magnet Applications engineers have achieved a breakthrough in performance.

“This significantly improved design has a 10% improvement in flux density than our previous generation of 10MGOe,” described Bob Fredette, Applications Engineer, who developed the new B12 neodymium compression bonded magnet, “This higher performance will support the increasingly demanding designs for PM motors, encoders and magnetic sensors in several industrial applications.”

Magnet Applications, Inc. expects to see the new magnet in motors for automobiles, transportation, aerospace, defense and other high-heat environments due to its strength and operating temperature. B12 has a maximum operating temperature of 150°C is available in nearly any geometry and size.

B12 Specifications

Property Units  
Remanence, Br Gauss 7,200 - 7,800
  Tesla 0.72-0.78
Normal Coercivity, Hc Oersted 5,900 - 6,500
  kA/m 477 - 517
Intrinsic Coercivity, HcJ Oersted >9,000
  kA/m >716
Maximum Energy Product MGOe 10.8 - 12.2
(BH)max kj/m3 86 - 97
Density g/cm3 >6.0
Maximum Operating Temperature Celsius 150










About Magnet Applications®, A Bunting® Magnetics Company
Magnet Applications, Inc., is part of Bunting® Magnetics Co. family of companies, a global provider of magnets and magnetic separation, metal detection and material handling equipment as well as a complete line of magnetic printing cylinders. Magnet Applications is the only North American manufacturer of compression bonded magnets, injection molded magnets, hybrid magnets and magnetic assemblies for the worldwide Automotive & Transportation, Industrial & Commercial, Medical Equipment, Military & Aerospace, Security and other industries. Its products are primarily used in PM motors and magnetic sensors. Magnet Applications, Inc. facilities are located in Dubois, Pennsylvania with sales support worldwide. The company is ITAR/DFARS and ISO 9001:2008 registered. F

About Bunting® Magnetics Co.
Since the company’s 1959 founding, Bunting® Magnetics has led the industry in both durability and performance in its line metal detection, magnetic separation and material handling equipment as well as printing cylinders for several global markets: Recycling, food packaging and processing, feed and grain, plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, offset printing, metal stamping, automobile manufacturing and more. Bunting magnets are also available at buymagnets.com. Bunting Magnetics facilities are located in Newton, Kansas; suburban Chicago, Illinois; DuBois, Pennsylvania; Redditch, England and Berkhamsted, England.

Company Contact:
Paul Hansen, Director of Marketing
Tel: 814-375-9145

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