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Motion Control Resources

Got a Tough Motion Control Project? Consider a Delta Tau Controller.

by Diana Fleenor, Automation Engineer
Motion Solutions

Got a Tough Motion Control Project?  Consider a Delta Tau Controller.

Customers often turn to Motion Solutions to solve their most difficult positioning challenges. When our engineered solutions team and applications engineers need the ultimate in motion control performance, we turn to Omron Delta Tau controllers. Although there are many motion controllers and PLCs in the marketplace that can handle applications ranging from simple to moderately challenging, few shine in the ability to handle highly complex motion and machine architecture requirements. For these types of projects, the Omron Delta Tau motion control platform provides a flexible, sophisticated solution.

If you have a demanding application with high performance requirements and tight tolerances, you may be trying to decide which controller is best for you. Providing a full range of products from OEM style controllers to rack-mount scalable motion systems to all-in-one drive control solutions, Delta Tau’s powerful machine control can be used across a broad range of automation applications and industries (see figure 1). With the help of the Motion Solutions team, you can be up and running with minimum effort and maximum performance. . . 

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