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ASB62 Absolute Encoder for Gearless and Servo Motors

Lika Electronic USA

Graphic about rotary encoders

ASB62 absolute rotary encoder is designed to be perfectly integrated into motor and servo drive systems. It has a space-saving low profile design and is equipped with a 9.25-mm diameter 1:10 tapered solid shaft. It is ideal for high-precision direct coupling in constricted spaces and guarantees backlash-free and slippage-free torsionally rigid mating for increased mechanical and electrical performances. Furthermore, the expansion flange makes installation and fastening very easy and functional.

The range of the operating temperature is extended to -20°C +100°C (-4°F +212°F) and the protection rate is IP40. ASB62 offers 20 bit singleturn resolution and implements SSI and BISS C-mode interfaces. It also provides an additional incremental track (2,048 1Vpp Sine-Cosine signals per turn) for accurate rotor speed control.

ASB62 is ideally suited for elevators and lifts, robotics and automation in general.

Incremental version is also available. CB62 has identical mechanical configuration and provides 1Vpp Sine-Cosine signals (2,048 periods per turn) for speed feedback. In addition, it delivers absolute position information (CD signals) to control the rotor.

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