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Motion Control Resources

Wittenstein - Servo Motors


WITTENSTEIN’s cyber motor technology unit has developed a new range of servo motors. The High Performance Servo Motors are the most compact and efficient motors in their class. This new high-performing technology was designed around a modular concept - to allow users to select frame sizes, lengths and options for the optimal motor to match their application.

Servo MotorsThe High Performance Servo Motors have all the necessary characteristics to optimize productivity and efficiency for your processes. With a compact design and reduced inertia for high dynamic performance these servo motors offer unexcelled efficiency with high continuous power.

High Performance Servo Motor frame sizes and corresponding lengths are:

    Servo Motor MRSH049A (available in lengths of 15mm, 30mm, 45mm, 60mm )
    Servo Motor MRSH064A (available in lengths of 15mm, 30mm, 45mm, 60mm)
    Servo Motor MRSH130A (available in lengths of 30mm, 60mm, 120mm, 230mm)
    Servo Motor MRSH178A (available in lengths of 135mm, 195mm)
    Servo Motor MRSH178C (available in lengths of 135mm, 195mm)

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