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Electromate - maxon GP22HD Heavy Duty Planetary Gearbox

Electromate Inc.

New Planetary Gearbox Revolutionizes Deep Drill Technology

GP22HD Heavy Duty Planetary GearboxIn September 2010 Maxon launched the groundbreaking EC22HD Heavy Duty Downhole Drilling Motor. In combination with its matching GP22HD Heavy Duty Planetary Gearbox, operation on the 'limit of what is bearable' in Deep Drill Technology is now a reality. The GP 22 HD is designed to operate in submerged oil operation (flooded in hydraulic fluid). The version for operation in air is under design.

The GP 22 HD features:

  • 1 to 5 stages
  • Max. overload torque up to 12 Nm*

*The maximum permitted torque that can be applied for a short period of time (a few seconds) without destroying the gearbox. It can be considered as breakaway torque, for example, to overcome static friction of a mechanically jammed drive.

  • Ambient temperatures up to 200C (390F)
  • Atmospheric pressures up to 1700 bar (25000 psi)
  • Submerged oil operation (flooded in hydraulic fluid)
  • Vibrations up to 25 grms
  • Impulses and impacts up to 100 G (100 times gravitational acceleration)
  • Service life approx. 100-1000 hours, at load limit (180C, oil) currently approx. 500 hours
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