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Blog Post: Five Questions with Eric Klein of Schneider Electric

by MOSO Marketing
Motion Solutions

New directions in life sciences, aiding the make-versus-buy decision, solving the energy challenge, and the critical pillar of digitization.

Five Questions with Eric Klein of Schneider Electric

ALISO VIEJO, CA – Editor’s Note: this story is part of an ongoing series of blog entries in which Motion Solutions partners discuss opportunities and challenges facing the automation industry.

Q: What are some of the most important, new emerging technologies in your core markets?

Eric Klein: I can address this question from several viewpoints. Emerging technologies in life sciences, a particular interest of mine, include delivering aqueous solutions of drugs in preparation for key disciplines (drug discovery, big pharma, research, analytical, etc.). Currently, these solutions are delivered via manual pipette. Automating the 100-ml syringe pump/selector valve will drive the pace of these markets.

Other life sciences focuses include supporting automated mass spectrometers capable of directly sampling into the ion source. This development will reduce the use of liquid chromatography. Finally, automating DNA sequencing on a chip has tremendous potential for personalized medicine and medical diagnostics.

If we just want to focus on the automation aspect of analytical instrumentation, there are two key trends to watch. First, instruments are not always operated by skilled laboratory technicians. More work is needed to improve diagnostics and make the instruments easier to use. Touchscreen technology is a key lever for this trend, along with software analytics. . .

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